Who we are

The UDub Minecraft Team is formed by passionate current and past students. We are providing a highly restored campus in Minecraft to meet our members’ expectations. Everyone respects other teammates’ idea and their goals. Our community is committed to having everyone engage in the server and build a sense of achievement.

The server was founded by our creator Izze2427 around March 20th 2020 around the start of quarantine. Izze2427 created a realm and attracted the likes of farlandhunter & Rackhambpro


Leader – names mura. mura sana. cs, resurrector, leader, back. I got my frickin account back.


Owner – I’m Andrew, gonna be a sophomore next year at UWS and an engineer wooo


Creative Director – Hello, I’m rackhamb and I am the creative director for the UDub MC server. I am going to be a Junior at UW and enjoy filmmaking, computer science, and cars. I make a lot of the videos for the server.


Director of Operations – Hi everyone, I’m cobra aka George. I’m gonna be junior. I’m the  lead builder so feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about building!

It was thanks to Rackhamb’s build and presentation of the Suzallo’s shell that gained interest of the boundless teens who were locked up their rooms. This led to a switch over to Java Edition which catocatocato became the owner of. 


Security & Perms Expert – Hi I’m Beefy, I’m a uw grad from the electrical engineering program at Bothell. Going to be starting my masters this fall. I’m the guy to call when server perms are broken Fun fact: I make REALLY big rockets…


Interior/Decorations Lead – Hello, I’m protein! I’m a recent graduate, but I got a research position at UW so I’m stuck here for another couple quarters. I’m an ESS major and familiar with the envirosci scene at UW so if any of yall have questions hmu


Director of Development – hi im def, u might know me as eεeεeεeεeεeαi if uve been on this server long enough, director of business development and also discordy things. uhh, what else.. im poopoo at valorant


Exterior Lead Builder – I’m farland and I am a senior in Civil Engineering. I’m usually playing Call of Duty and I like cars. Also I really like cheems

Other notable members who have been here since the very beginning is mura, beefy, cobra, defenestra, farlandhunter, edgecdec, krank & Brittannica! They truly remember the days where suz burned down a couple of times due to griefers.


Financial Advisor – Hi, I’m kawaii_someday (Snow/xiaoxue). I’m currently a junior at UW- Seattle (graduating from the business school next year with options in marketing and business information systems).


Financial Assistant – hii im bean and im an incoming senior 🙂 nice to meet yall


Human Resources – Ben into round 2 I guess? I’m Ben, I’m an alumni who graduated in 2019. I might occasionally see me AFK on the server, or messing around. What else… I’m a Bio major, and I like bugs


Programmer – I’m Egg an incoming freshman majoring in Informatics, nice to meet everyone!

The server has seen a great amount of players join and we have since created a community that is inclusive to all that join! Thank you to our chairman for connecting and bringing people together.


Creator/Founder – The one and only person who founded the original server that started this whole thing!


Programmer – CSE major, likes to play a lot of towny on another server. Spit water on laptop and broke it.


Designer – bree/braix ‘class of 2023’ but probably graduating a bit later than that i’m lactose intolerant and addicted to boba she/he/they pronouns – gender nonconforming!! enby!!!


Instagram – What up im BlackRam3n but you can and should call me Ramen. I’m that weird Deadpool flying around looking confused all the time. Will be spending more time on the server and looking forward to meeting people. Rising senior majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology

We hope to bring the campus to life and host many more fun events in the future as well as make the virtual campus accessible to all!


Outreach – Just realized I didn’t intro myself, but hi I’m Oceana465. Known for being Ana Marie Cauce, I’ll be randomly popping up next to you to say hey. I’m very chatty in-game so feel free to strike up a convo with me! Rising Senior and an INFO hopeful, hmu to just vibe


Facebook – I’m BacteriaBadi, I graduated last year with a degree in Microbiology. Starting a Masters program online at the end of this month.


Thunder– I’m Afro, I’m a transfer going for Chem. I’m old compared to y’all zoomers ’cause I made the mistake of letting a gap year turn into a dead end job but it’s never too late to change your life! (Or your major, my Associate Degree was in Music Theory)


Outreach -no


Emote Creator – Hi I’m Dori, I’m a senior in Informatics and I’m also the server’s emote person! Pls lmk if there’s any emotes u want made and uhhhhh fun fact I play real life Taiko no Tatsujin


Master Builder – Hi everyone I’m Luke. I am a sophomore at UW studying bio. I build in Minecraft full time for Blockworks and Cyclone Designs : ]


Tester – tests stuff that the admins program


Armor Stands – Hey, I’m Daniel. I’m a senior in mechanical engineering. I fiddle around with the armor stand datapack and fill interiors of buildings. If any of you want stands for a diorama or something, hit me up!


Microsoft – Hi! I’m Evelyn. I’m majoring in Information Systems and Marketing. I play Minecraft, Among Us, Jackbox, and many more games! Feel free to hit me up anytime!.


Resource Packs– Heyo! Please call me Steven. I’m a sophmore hoping to get into CS. I enjoy playing video games as well as making stuff for them, whether its building, art, and things that go boom! Joined for HvZ, staying for the Minecraft.


U-Village – Hey there! I’m AwesomeIndustry and I mainly build stuff. Currently I’ve focused on University Village, but I plan to move on to other locations in the future. In my free time I like playing Minecraft or doing random programming projects.


Hiya I’m Jess I help to manage/admin the server and do networking type stuff


Social Media Twitter – hiiiiiii my name is caitria,, u can call me cait,,,, i use she/her pronouns and i’m a freshman hoping to major in bio 😀 bonus info!!!! wowowowo i have two cats and i really like burritos.



hi! i’m esmé! i’m a senior at UW majoring in international studies. i really like traveling and history and foreign language and music!!! and also video games, of course.